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Marin County Schools


Marin County School Web Sites

Marin County Office of Education

Marin County Schools 2009 -2010

And, two more popular school web sites are: 
Great Schools
School Matters

Home Resource Directory

Disclaimer: It's always a good idea to ask any contractor that works for you to show you their "pocket license" that shows the type of trade they are licensed for and the license's expiration date.  Also, you can call the Contractor's State License Board at  800-321-2752  or visit   California State License Board  to verify all information. And, the D.A.'s consumer protection unit is  415-499-6495 .   The following list includes some trades people, such as handymen, that may not be licensed.  We've either worked with them or have had other Realtors suggest we consider their services.  Please post any comments you'd like to make (we will update information, add/delete trades people based on your comments/post).  Although we have worked personally with many of the people and companies you'll see listed below, we hope that you'll take the time to talk to and interview the people in this directory. We are offering their contact information, as a way to begin your search, when looking for reputable trades people here in Marin County.  Please feel free to email or call us in this regard if you have any questions.

                     Companies that match Contractors
1. Cal Finder:          415-488-9100       Cal Finder    Marin County
2. Service Magic      866-384-1080       Service Magic
3.Need Contractor  800-281-8375       Need Contractor
4.Right Contractor  Right Contractor  National Directory/includes Marin

Appliance Inspection:
1.Dennis Appliance   : 415-453-6272 
2.Appliance Monkey  : 415-459-7580 
3.Marin Appliance     : 415-461-2266 
1. Glen Campbell: 415-897-5507
2. Philip Bruce Raful: 415-459-2873
1.Richard Esteb        : 415-883-2536     Easthope Design
2.Jochum Architects : 415-454-0674     Jochum Architects
3.Roger Schow          : 415-721-7123    Gettman Schow Architecture
4.Jared Polsky           : 415-927-1156     Jared Polskys Web Site  cell: 415-730-1156

Marin Real Estate
 Marin County's most definitive Real Estate Web Site
 Marin County's Real Estate Scene  
Information, and Statistics, and much more regarding Marin County Real Estate
Superior Property Search Link for the Marin MLS
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entire  Bay Area by

Computer Added Design (CAD)
1.Hill Design Services:415-383-8604   Michael Hill * Hill Design Services
   Architectural Designs - Survey and Documents -Building Plan Drawings
Carpet Cleaning
1. Burrous Brothers Company:  415-435-1588  or  415-472-1588  
Burrous Brothers Carpet Cleaning
2. Andersen's Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning:  415-924-5933  
Andersen's Carpet Cleaning
Cleaning Service
1.Bucket and Brooms (Ruth)      415-233-3081 
2.Molly Maids                                 415-578-3620   / 888-434-2282
3.Hagel Maintenence                   415-453-5350 
4.Quinty Alvarado                          415-302-4477
Computer Technician
1.Edward Robson: 415-306-2665    
Edward Robson 
Computer Added Design (CAD)
1.Hill Design Services:415-383-8604   Michael Hill * Hill Design Services
   Architectural Designs - Survey and Documents -Building Plan Drawings
Concrete Restoration
1. I Fix Concrete:     707-523-0100     I Fix Concrete

Marin Builder's Association
             415-462-1220    Klif Knoles General Manager
Resource Directory for Contractors throughout Marin County:  Marin Contractors
Go to Membership then Directory then click on Browse by Category ,or
here are some contacts our clients have used successfully (we would appreciate any
personal recommendations you might have)
1. Campbell Construction Company: (Kirk Campbell)    707-578-2089  
Rhonert Park
2. Hadley & Ireland       85 Beach Road in Belvedere    415-789-1570   
and  415-383-0583   
3. Robert S.Dunn Construction: (Robert Dunn)             415-883-2564 
4. Sandell Construction   (Jeff Sandel)                          415-491-4755   
5. Boesel Constructon (David Boesel)  (415)608-1489 * 415-456-4605     Boesel Construction
6.Looking for a "Green" builder/contractor?
Green Habitat Design  415-307-2977     Green Habitat Design
Email: info@greenhabitatdesign
7.Jeff Piccinini - Project Manager -  (415) 377-6238  cell /fax: 415-457- 7135   Box 522,Ross,CA 94957
8. Mick Velasquez - Builders - 415-601-0806         Mick Velasquez MK Builders   
9. Mike Ingle - Ingle Construction: 415-720-5889  cell / 415-456-0315  (Eichler Specialist)
10. Northpoint Builders : Sheldon Bloom 415-847-7935 / 415-380-8420

Contractor Inspections
1.Robert Abram:            415-472-4284  cell phone: 415-847-7173
2.Larry Hoyt:                 415-897-9517 
3.Sterling Inspection:    415-459-1151 
4.World Inspections:     415-499-0890 
5.Eric Lee:                     415-461-6990 
   Robert Taska             415-261-7870
7.Charles Lee and Sons (Eric) 415-461-6990

Clean Crawlspace
1.Clean Crawlspace:    1-866-DRY-CRAWL    Clean Crawlspace Web Site
Docks and Decks
1. Shorescapes Construction:  415-868-2025 / 415-328-0578  (Repairs/Replacement)  Shorescapes Construction
1.Nathan Benavraham:  415-532-7535 
1. Jay Halberg - Owner JL Engineering (Structural, Soil, Drainage):  415-457-6647 
cell: 415-720-8353

2. Al Buchinati:         415-381-5110 
3. Barry Welliver:     415-459-9024 
4. Arthur Lang:        415-883-3577 
1. Novato Lumber and Fence: 415-897-1166  "The Best"  Novato Lumber and Fence  
Fireplace and Chimney Cleaning
1.Chim-Chimney Sweep:   415-388-0700   (Furnace and duct cleaning)
1. Elliot Gould:  707-484-2364    office:  707-763-8094 
works with Rodger Hartley (Engineer/Tiburon)  415-435-0400 
Gardner / Landscaping/ Landscape Architects
1. Donlan Landscape Contractors - Bayside Gardens in Tiburon,
Annette Salvaggio:  415-435-8522     Annette on cell:  415-726-0218 
2. California Native Landscapes - Dan Dufficy -  415-720-6253 
3. R & R Landscaping  Great Gardens In Marin   Rulaman Reyes    415-497-8227 
4. Gomez Landscaping: Martin Gomez:  415-261-1297 
5. Polly Hughes/ Greg The Gardener:  Web Site   415-850-5529
Garden Center
1. Bayside Garden Center:  415-435-0041    1520 Tiburon Boulevard,Tiburon,CA. 94920
Glass Replacement and Glass Repair
1 Steve Booker and Sean Bishop:   ( 415-892-0600 ) / Sean on cell:  415-699-6204 
Handy Man
1.Jim Fox        415-256-1910    Fax: 415-256-8040 
cell:  415-250-0079 
2.Blake Wood   415-246-4880  cell / also does remodeling
3.Bill Warren 415- 218-6503 cell
4.Mr.Handyman/ Michael Gornet: 415-458-2888 cell: 415-726-4103      
5.John Dunsing  415-261-1512 cell / 415-258- 8168 24/7 Maintenance and Repair
Hardwood Floors
1.Marin Hardwood:          415-456-1639 
2.Innovative Hardwood:  415-453-4306 
3.Rafael Floors:                415-456-3656       Rafael Floors
Heating and Air Conditioning Repair:
The Dailey Bread     Michael McConneloug 415-260-4861

Home Inspectors
(for Buyers & Sellers)
1.Morris Pest Control & Structural (Bob Hoffman):  415-898-5678 
2.Tony Hodson:            415-380-9500 
3.Hinkley & Gordon:     415-883-8877 
4.Jeff Simonsen           415-524-6245
5.Jerry Schneider:        415-892-4080 
6.Western Termite:      415-924-8343 
7.Clark Pest:                 415-454-1173 
8.The Hitmen:               415-456-6777 
9.Hacienda Inspection Services   (Mike Delehanty)  415-456-5665 

Homeowner's Insurance
1.Bartley and Bartley, John Bartley:  415-883-7703   Bartley and Bartley
2.Sherie Friedlander, Allstate,  415-381-4175 
3.Schoenhof Insurance Services:  415-895-1926    
Marin Insurance 
Home Warranty Companies
1.Fidelity Home Warranty:   Fidelity Home Warranty   
2.American Home Sheild:  American Home Shield 
    Shelly O'Sullivan (800) 800-8880 x 6123
3.Old Republic:           Old Republic Home Warranty       
    Khristina Berquist (800) 282-7131 x 1177 cell 415-748-0777                     
 Indoor Air Quality Experts
1. Q Sanctuary Design Construction: 415-262-0191 / 650-740-8528
Sanctuary Design Construction
Interior Design
1.Sheri Armor and Gene Richards:  415-332-8304    cell:  415-378-8459 
2.Beryn Hammil Designs:  415-924-5509    Beryn Hammil Designs
3.Lisa Zukovsky: 415-497-4569
Irrigation Repair Services
1.Stephan Brock:  415-924-4126  or cell:  415-279-0423 
Janitorial Services
1.Eco_Vet: Jason Skerik and Walter Young: 415-933-4971 and 510-712-9228     
"Veterans Serving You One House At A Time"
1.R & R Landscaping  Great Gardens In Marin   Rulaman Reyes    415-497-8227 
2.Gomez Landscaping: Martin Gomez:  415-261-1297 
3.Geoff Wolf:   415-453-7286     Wolf Landscapes  
Limosine Service
1.Sienna Limousine -  Marc Anthony Sicilano   415-507-9555 

Marin Realtors
Ed Gutekunst
(415) 939-2308 cell
Mark Danforth Lomas and Kirsten Wolfe 
         (415) 435-1718 cell             (415) 328-5431

"For all your Real Estate needs"
Want to know what's going on in Marin County Real Estate?
Check out The Real Estate Scene in Marin County
Youl'll find the Definitive  Property Search Link for the Marin County MLS
Timely Statistics, Information about Towns and Cities,
Market Trends, and Mortgage Information

Mediation Services for Rental Properties
1.Eleanor Bloch / Mediator: 415-435-1148
1. Levels Homes - Stephan Wheeler  415-924-9290 
2. Levels Homes - Wackers and Son in Penngrove:  707-795-4848 
Mold Inspections
1.Bob Minton and Dan Hofbauer  Bay Cities Mold Inspection Services 
 415-927-3201  415-927-3201  /  707-888-6779  707-888-6779 
2.Tony Eldeon:  415-479-7339  415-479-7339    Bay Mountain Enviromental

Mortgage Brokers and Lenders for Home Purchases
1.US Bank, Rob Lawson,
cell: 415-328-8866
2.David Cary, Cary Financial in Corte Madera:  415-924-4400  415-924-4400 
or  800-400-2772  800-400-2772 
3.Financial Concepts, Joe Murphy:  415-492-2832  415-492-2832
4.Donna Hoo in San Francisco:  415-566-5363  cell:  415-290-2669  
5.Dominic Pomila of Residental Pacific Mortgage  RPM   in Mill Valley:
6.Anthony Dailley   415-706-1495  
7.Colin Hensley:  415-461-1555  x 102 First Cal
8.Kevin O'Neill: 415-497-8964  Countrywide/Bank Of America (April 1st, 2009)
9. Tommy Lachenbacher: Manager Bank of America in Tiburon: 415-435-9794
10. Gaurav Kapur:  First Republic Bank 415-392-1400 - 415-288-1442
Mortgage Broker that specializes in "Reverse Mortgages"
1. Mary-Alice Cardenas: 415-233-1007

Moving Services
1. Main Street Moving and Storage (Recommended)
    Don Rosevear: 415.388.1939 / 707-763-2100   email    web site 
2. Farnsworth Movers: 415-459-6683 / 415-847-0020
3. Johnson and Daily Moving and Storage: 415-491-4444 and 415-297-8039
Sandy Sutherland:
1. Rose Freeman    415-216-3098   (lives in Tiburon/ will Travel)
2. Debra Fox   "Mobile Notary Services"  415-518-2065 and 415-506-0356
1.Rafael Painting: Owner: Richard Galagaran:  415-898-3622 
2.North Bay Painting and Wood Preserving:  415-383-1841   and  415-499-4699   North Bay Painting
3.Boeck and Associates: Larry Boeck: 415-491-1702          Boeck and Associates
4.Dragon Painting and Electrical:  Martin Kulik  415-847-0470
1. Concrete Paver Installation: Dick Ryerson   415-250-9034   Appianwaypaverstones/Ryerson Construction
1.Elliot Karlan * National Press Photographer's Ass.:  415-388-1196
(Also does restoration/color correction for old photos)
Pest Control and Removal
Select Pest Control: 415-454-0410
1.Gene Burch Plumbing:  415-479-2044  and  415-388-1950  Gene Birch Plumbing
2.Burkell Plumbing:  415-332-2091 
3.Roy Kliendist:  415-454-9090  and page:  415-721-5606 
Pool Inspections
1.Robert Taska: 415-261-7870
2.Herb's Pool Service: 415-479-4040     Herbs Pool Service    
Property Prep
1.Getting ready to put your home on the market, or want to do a general Clean Up?
800-962-7737    Property Prep Web Site
2. 24/7 Maintenance and Repair   John Dunsing "John does it all!" 415-261-1512 cell
Office: 415-258-8168   (Electrical/Plumbing/Painting/Hauling/and much more - Licensed and Insured)
Upholster Custom Furniture / Green Furniture
1.Michael's Custom Built Furniture: 415.459.0208 -
Michael's Custom Built Furniture
Real Estate Attorney
1. Scott Phillips:  415-453-9999 
2. Steve Simontacchi:  415-453-9999 
Real Estate  (Marin and outside Marin) Vacation Rentals (new category)
1.Vacation Rentals Stinson Beach   415-868-0288    Stinson Beach Vacation Rentals
2.Vacation Rentals By Owners   Vacation Rentals By Owner
3.Ranch Vacations:   (707) 939-3801   Ranch Vacations
4.Vacation Rentals Stinson Beach:  800-773-0717   2 Stinson Beach Vacation Rentals
Real Estate
     Tenant Verification Services
1.Prandi Property Management Company     Prandi Property Web Site
Real Estate
1. Rendering and Fine Art
Beautiful water color and line drawing renderings of your home
Clay Seibert's Web Site      415-822-5115    
Real Estate Furnished Rentals
1.Marin Executive Suites     Marin Executive Suites   415-331-5534

Relocation and Organization
1.Changing Places: 415-461-6363 / 1-888-802-9118  Changing Places
Roof Companies                          
1. Wedge Roofing:  415-897-6168 
2. Booth and Little:  415-924-2733 
Security Systems:
1. Warren Secutity Systems   Marin County: 415-456-7034                  
   Warren Security
Septic Inspections
Analy: 707-823-7340 / cell: 707-328-4423
Sewage Inspections
1.Pipe Spy:   Miles O'Dwyer    415-927-0287  415-927-0287     Pipe Spy
Eric Widergren   Shades of Marin    415-453-1518   Shades of Marin
1. Visuals: Sheri Armor and Gene Richards:   415-332-8304  415-332-8304   cell:  415-378-8459  415-378-8459  email:    web site: Visuals
2. Ann LaShelle & Associates Design:  415-608-9611 
3. Wanderley :  415-720-3831       Wanderley
4. Arthur McLaughlin and Associates:  415-673-6746     Arthur McLaughlin
5. Baron and Baron: (Maggie and Gloria)  415-305-1967  and  415-456-4890Baron Design 
6.A Day Away Interiors:  (Donna and Jessye)  415-722-9100  (POBox 1248/Belvedere,CA.949420)
7.3.Lisa Zukovsky: 415-497-4569

Sheet Metal
1.Allied Heating: 415-468-4448
Solar Companies in Marin
Marin Solar/Real Goods Solar   Marin Solar/Real Goods Solar
Soil Engineers
1.Paul Torikian       415-488-0636 
2.Dietrich Stroeh    415-892-4763 
3.Salem & Howes   415-381-6146 
Structural Engineers
1.Peter Culley:      415-693-1600 
1.Steven Jacobs:  415-454-2235 
2.Anrig Ass.:         415-381-8100 
3.Bob Walling:      415-382-1593 
1. Joe Murphy   Taxes and Real Estate Tax Information:  415-492-2832  
"Financial Concepts"
Title Companies
1.Stewart formely California Land Title of Marin
Mill Valley       415-383-8410 
Greenbrae     415-461-7474 
San Rafael     415-454-9323 
Novato            415-892-5800  
2.Fidelity Title Company
Mill Valley       415-380-8878     
San Rafael     415-453-7110      
3.First American Title Company
Mill Valley        415-383-3343  
Greenbrae      415-461-7570  
4.Old Republic Title Company
Mill Valley        415-388-8740  
Greenbrae      415-464-9410  
San Rafael      415-454-8300   
Novato             415-897-9632   
Tree Services
1.Treemasters:   415-455-9933  415-455-9933  Fax: 415-455-9934 
Tad Jacobs owner  TREEMASTERS
2.Bartlett Tree:   415-472-4300  415-472-4300    Bartlett
3.Marin Tree:      415-472-7105  415-472-7105 
4.Hansen Tree:   415-893-8733  415-893-8733   Karl Hansen
Virtual Stagers
1.Staged 4More Home Staging & Redesigns: (650)293-7458 
Staged 4 More 
2.Virtual Enriching Homes  (888) 543-4970
Virtual Enriching Homes  
3.Virtual Staging Properties (404) 949-9797
Virtual Staging Properties
4.Virtual Staging Solutions: (888) 201-9042
Window Cleaning
1. Streakless Window Cleaning:   415-509-6907  415-509-6907   Greg Thomas  Streakless Marin
Window Installation (Repairs)
1 Steve Booker and Sean Bishop:   ( 415-892-0600  415-892-0600 ) / Sean on cell:  415-699-6204  415-699-6204 
1.Custom Window and Door Screens (manufacture, repair, measure, and install)
Wesco - 19 Simms, San Rafael,California    415-453-8722  415-453-8722 

Unlicensed, possibly uninsured,services...we highly recommend you check with your homeowner's
insurance before considering these services... personally, we have worked with these people
and have been very happy with their work:
1.D'Leon General Maintenence/commercial and residential, Huberto De Leon Owner
 707-773-3243  707-773-3243  or cell:  707-217-4011  707-217-4011   fax:707-658-1037  Petaluma, California
Housecleaning,Strip and Wax floors,Window Washing,Carpet Cleaning,Construction Clean Up,
Power Washing,and Hauling

Comcast Cable Company, Direct TV, and Wireless Phone Companies

1.Comcast (Cable & Broadband) TV & Computer connection: 1-800-945-2288
2.Direct TV: 1-888-777-2453

2.Wireless/ Cell Phone Connections in Marin:
a.Verizon: 1-800-922-0204
b.AT&T:     1-800-462-4463
c.Sprint:    1-800-653-2669
d.Cingular 1-800-331-5000


Some of our favorite Restaurants
Marin County has now posted their Restaurant Inspections online,
click on this link to review:  Marin County Restaurant Inspections
Marin County
Ava                      415-453-3407     San Anselmo             Ava
Balboa Cafe     415-381-7321      Mill Valley                   Balboa Cafe
Benissimo:      415-927-5146      Corte Madera             Benissimo 
Boca Steak and Seafood
415-883-0901       Novato                         Boca Steak & Seafood 
Buckeye Roadhouse
415-331-2600       Mill Valley                 Buckeye Restaurant
Bungalow 44      415-381-2500      Mill Valley                  Bungalow 44  
Brick and Bottle   415-924-3366     Brick and Bottle
Cacti Restaurant
415-898-2234      Novato                      Cacti Restaurant
California Pizza Kitchen:
415-945-0401      Corte Madera            California Pizza Kitchen 
Caprice              415-435-3400       Tiburon                      The Caprice
Cheesecake Factory :
415-945-0777       Corte Madera             Cheesecake Factory 
Cottage Eatery:  415-789-5636      Tiburon                       Cottage Eatery
Cucina and Wine Bar
415-454-2942       San Anselmo            
DeAngelo's             415-388-2000       Mill Valley
Deer Park Villa       415-456-8084       Fairfax                  Deer Park Villa
Dipsea Cafe           415-381-0298        Mill Valley            Dipsea Cafe 
Dynasty                    415-435-6766      Tiburon                 Dynasty
El Paseo                 415-388-0741       Mill Valley             El Paseo
Fabrizio                  415-924-3332       Larkspur
Foodniks                415-383-3663       Tiburon                  Foodniks 
(in the Cove,previously Let's Eat)
Fork                        415-453-9898      San Anselmo          Fork Restaurant
Frantoio                 415-289-5777       Mill Valley                Frantoio
Gira Poli                  415-383-6040     Mill Valley                                                                            
Guaymas               415-435-6300                                                                                                                                                                                       
Half Day Cafe'        415-459-0291
Hamilton Cafe       415-382-0155      Novato                   
Harbor Point Cafe 
415-381-6400   Strawberry             Harbor Point Cafe
Horizon's                415-331-3232   Sausalito               Horizons
IL Fornaio              415-927-4400   Corte Madera        IL Formaio 
IL Piccolo Cafe     415-289-1195   Sausalito               
Insalata's               415-457-7700    San Anselmo       Insalatas
Iron Springs Pub and Brewery Brewpub
415-485-1005                                   Iron Springs Pub
Lark Creek Inn         415-924-7766    Larkspur           Lark Creek Inn                             
Left Bank                415-927-3331      Larkspur            Left Bank
Le Garage            415-332-5625       Le Garage
Marche aux Fleurs      415-925-9200   Ross               Marche Au Fleurs        
Marin Joes                 415-924-1500  Corte Madera    Marin Joes
Marin Brewing Company
415-461-4677     Larkspur            Marin Brewing Company - Brewpub
Moylan's Brewery & Restaurant
415-898-4677     Novato                Moylans
Mulberry Street Pizzeria
415-472-7272    San Rafael
Murray Circle             415-339-4750    Sausalito     Murray Circle                                                                            
Max's American
415-924-6297   Corte Madera     Max's
Noonan's Bar and Grill
415-464-8711   Larkspur             Noonan's Bar and Grill
Olema Farmhouse
415-663-1264    Olema                Olema Farmhouse
Olema Inn                 415-663-9559    Olema                Olema Inn
Outback                     415-331-6193  Marin City             Outback
Pacific Catch Seafood
415-927-3474     Corte Madera    Pacific Catch
Paradise Bay           415-331-3226  Sausalito              Paradise Bay
Pelican Inn:              415-383-6000  Muir Beach           Pelican Inn
Piatti                          415-380-2525  Mill Valley              Piatti
Piazza D'Angelo      415-388-2000  Mill Valley              Piazza D'Angelo
Picco                         415-924-0300  Larkspur               Picco 
Poggio                      415-332-7771  Sausalito              Poggio
Rancho Nicasio         415-662-2219                              Rancho Nicassio
Ricky's Restaurant
415-883-9477 Novato              
RobataGrill&Sushi  415-381-8400 Mill Valley          Robata
Rooney'sCafe&Grill 415-435-1911  Tiburon
Sam's Anchor Cafe
415-435-4527    Tiburon         Sam's Anchor Cafe             
Saylor's Landing       415-332-6161  Sausalito       Saylor's Restaurant
Scoma's                     415-332-9551  Sausalito       Scoma's
Servino Restorante     415-435-2676 Tiburon
Sushi Ran                  415-332-3620   Sauslito         Sushi Ran
Tiburon Grill            415-435-5996  Tiburon             Tiburon Grill        

Toast Cafe            415-388-2500   Mill Valley  
Vasco                     415-381-3343  Mill Valley        
Way Point Pizza    415-435-3440  Tiburon
Wild Fox                 415-883-9125  Novato                Wild Fox
Wille's Cafe           415-455-9455  Kentfield
Wipeout Bar and Grill
415-461-7400  Greenbrae        Wipeout Bar and Grill
Yankee Pier           415-924-7676  Larkspur           Yankee Pier
The French Laundry  
                                 707-944-2380     Yountville           French Laundry
Salutes                  510-215-0803
Cafe' La Haye             707-935-5994                            Cafe' La Haye
Della Santina's            707-935-0576                           Della Santinas
Girl and the Fig           707-938-3634                            The Girl and the Fig
General's Daughter   707-938-4004
Kenwood                     707-833-6326                            Kenwood Restaurant
Willi's Seafood           707-433-9191                          Willi's Seafood

San Francisco
Gary Danko               415-749-2060                              Gary Danko

Places to Stay ...  Hotels and Inns in Marin County
Acqua Hotel:         415-380-0400                              Acqua
Embassy Suites:   415-499-9222                            Embassy Suites
Gerstle Park Inn:  800-726-7611                             Gerstle Park Inn
Holiday Inn MV:    415-332-5700                              
Marin Suites:        415-924-3608                              Marin Suites
Mill Valley Inn:      415-389-6608                              Mill Valley Inn
Mountain Home    415-381-9000                            Mountain Home Inn
Pelican Inn           415-383-6000                              Pelican Inn
Waters Edge        415-789-5999                             Waters Edge

Marin County Towns and City's Web Sites




Corte Madera                          

County of Marin



Mill Valley

Muir Beach


Olema (Olema Inn)

Point Reyes

San Anselmo


San Rafael   



Utility Companies

PG&E                                       415-1-800-743-5000

Marin Municipal Water District 415-945-1500  (Emergency) 415-945-1400 office/ information
North Marin Water District       415-897-4133

Disposal Companies
1.Bay Cities Refuse           415-332-3646
2.Fairfax Refuse                415-453-8355
3.Marin Sanitary                415-456-2601
4.Mill Valley Refuse            415-457-9760  (Belvedere/Tiburon)
5.Novato Disposal             415-897-4177
6.San Anselmo Refuse       415-453-4610
7.Marin Recycling Center   415-453-1404

Disposal Companies

1. Bay Cities Refuse          415-332-3646
2. Fairfax Refuse               415-453-8355
3. Marin Sanitary               415-456-2601
4. Mill Valley Refuse          415-457-9760
5. Novato Disposal            415-897-4177
6. San Anselmo Refuse     415-453-4610
7. Marin Recycling Center  415-453-1404

Marin Real Estate Agents

Marin Realtors  *   Top Producing Marin Real Estate Agents:
Ed Gutekunst
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Mark Danforth Lomas and Kirsten Wolfe 

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Want to know what's going on in Marin Real Estate?
Check out:  TheRealEstateScene in Marin !
Recently nominated as one of the Top 7 Real Estate
web sites in the Bay Area, not just Marin
A fireroad on Mount Tamalpais looks out towards Stinson Beach, and Bolinas


1. Marin Independent Journal: 415-883-8600   MARIN IJ
2. San Francisco Chronicle    : 415-777-1111  SFGATE
3. San Francisco Examiner    : 415-359-2600
4. The Ark Newspaper            : 415-435-2652   THE ARK
5. Pacific Sun                            : 415-485-6700   PACIFIC SUN
6. MarinScope                          : 415-339-8510
7. Ross Valley Reporter         : 415-339-8510
8. Mill Valley Herald                : 415-339-8510
9. News Pointed                     : 415-339-8510
10. Point Reyes Light            : 415-663-8404


1.Golden Gate Transit:  415-455-2000     GOLDEN GATE TRANSIT
Sausalito and Larkspur Ferry Service - Golden Gate Ferry
Ferry Service San Francisco: 415-923-2000
Ferry Service Sonoma:          707-541-2000
2.Red & White Fleet   :  1-800-229-2784
3.Bus Transit / Marin  :  415-455-2000
4.Bus Transit/Sonoma: 707-541-2000
5.Marin Airporter        :  415-461-4222
6.Sonoma Airporter    :  707-938-4246
7.Charters and Tours : 415-256-8830
8.Marin Airport Transportation
a.Western Eagle Shuttle  415-342-6444 or 415-533-4466
9.Greyhound Bus Lines: 800-231-2222

Taxi Service:
1.Marin Cab (all of Marin except Sausalito): 415-455-4555
2.Marin Yellow Cab (all of Marin)                : 800-774-8294
3.Belaire Cab (Sausalito,MV,and Tiburon)  : 415-388-1234
Belaire Cab (SR,SA,CM,and Larkspur)     : 415-456-1313
4.Tiburon Taxi                                            : 415-789-5356
5.Southern Marin Yellow Cab                     : 415-383-6050
6.Taxi Marin Cab Company                     : 415-970-2434    Taxi Marin Cab Company

California Highway Patrol Road Conditions ROAD CONDITIONS click area and then click onto Bay Area
Department of Motor Vehicles: Corte Madera: 415-924-5560
Department of Motor Vehicles: Novato:           415-897-0490

Marin Movie Theatres

FANDANGO     click here for current Movie Information and Times
Century Theatres (Corte Madera)   415-924-6505
Cine'Arts Sequoia (Mill Valley)         415-388-4862
Century Larkspur Landing               415-461-4842
Tiburon Playhouse                            415-435-1234
Cine'Arts Sausalito                            415-331-0255
San Rafael Film Center                     415-454-1222
Century Regency (San Rafael)         415-479-5050
Century Northgate (San Rafael)      415-491-0608
Fairfax Theatre                                    415-453-5444
Century Rowland Plaza (Novato)     415-898-7469

Hotels and Inns

Places to Stay ...  Hotels and Inns in Marin County

Acqua Hotel:         415-380-0400                              Acqua
Embassy Suites:   415-499-9222                            Embassy Suites
Gerstle Park Inn:  800-726-7611                             Gerstle Park Inn
Holiday Inn MV:    415-332-5700                              
Marin Suites:        415-924-3608                              Marin Suites
Mill Valley Inn:      415-389-6608                              Mill Valley Inn
Mountain Home    415-381-9000                             Mountain Home Inn
Pelican Inn           415-383-6000                              Pelican Inn
Waters Edge        415-789-5999                              Waters Edge

Marin Computer Resources

1. Marin Computer Repair:  Marin Computer Repair
2. Certified "Quickbooks" Consultant: 415-388-5926   Claire Up Your Books
3. Apple Store in Corte Madera:  Apple Store in Corte Madera  415-927-5820
4. Computer Connection in Greenbrae: Computer Connection  415-925-0200

Medical Web Sites

Sunday November 18, 2007 The San Francisco Chronicle Magazine Listed the following Medical Web Sites.  In no way is the posting of these sites to be considered as a recommendation.
Kaiser Permanente   
Kaiser Permanente has developed a vast amount of health information, much of it accessible even if you're not a member of Kaiser. All Kaiser doctors have home pages full of health tips and learning tools.
Web MD is a staple in the health information business, and is considered one of the better sites.
Pediatric Health Information (For Parents)
Dr.Alan Greene is a pediatrician and professor at Stamford: his Web Site is one of the most accessible for parents looking for pediatric health information.
New York Times Health
Combining health content with news the New York Times launched a health portal that combines its excellent health reporting with traditional health education content and expert opinion.
National Institute of Health
National Institute of Health allows you to search scientific literature.  Helpful if you have some scientific background to understand the details.
National Cancer Center
For cancer patients looking for cancer trials.

Local Music, Museums,Festivals, Fairs, and much much more!

1.The Marin Symphony Association      415-479-8100 
2.Golden Gate Opera                           415-339-9547 
3.Mill Valley Chamber Society               415-381-4453 
4.19 Broadway Nite Club                      415-459-1091 
5.Peri's Silver Dollar                              415-459-9910   
6.Cafe Amsterdam                                415-256-8020 
7.Sweetwater Saloon                           415-388-2820

Festival and Fairs
1.Larkspur Flowers and Food Festival   415-383-3470
2.MarinArtsFestival                                415-388-0151 
3.Mill Valley Fall Arts Festival                 415-381-8090 
4.San Anselmo Art & Design Festival     800-310-6563 
5.Sausalito Art Festival                          415-322-3555 
6.Tiburon International Film Festival      415-381-4123 
7.Fairfax Documentary Film Festival       415-460-9760
8.Italian Film Festival                             415-456-4056 

1.Marin History Museum                         415-454-8538
2.Bay Are Discovery Museum                  415-339-3900 
3.Bolinas Museum                                   415-868-0330 
4.Falkirk Cultural Center                         415-485-3328 
5.Marin Museum of the American Indian 415-897-4064 
6.Novato History Museum                       415-897-4320 
7.San Anselmo Historical Museum           415-258-4659           

Your Guide to the Great Outdoors in Marin County!
1.Audubon Canyon Ranch                       415-868-9244 
2.Point Reyes Bird Observatory              415-868-1221 
3.Point Reyes Light House                      415-669-1534
4.Point Reyes National Seashore            415-464-5100 or 415-669-1250
5.Tomales Bay State Park                       415-669-1140
6.Marin Open Space:
7.Green Gulch Farm and Zen Center: 415-383-3134
8.Slide Ranch: 415-381-6155
9.Local Farmer's Markets:
10.Richardson Bay Audubon Center: 415-388-2524
Richardson Bay Audubon Center Web Cam!
11. Best Hikes in Marin: Marin Countys Best Hiking Trails
12. Mount Tamalpais: Mount Tamalpais State Park
13. Golden Gate National Recreation Area: Golden Gate National Recreation Area
14. Point Reyes National Seashore: Point Reyes National Seashore

Surf Shops
1.Aqua Surf Shop SF:    415-242-9283 and 415-876-2782
2.ProofLab:                   415-380-8900                      
3.Stinson Beach Surf & Kayak                     415-868-2739
4.Wise Surfboards (the best!) SF                   415-750-9473
5.SF Surf Shop               415-661-7873                     

Tourism and Relocation Information

Marin County Visitors Bureau
1013 Larkspur Landing Circle, Larkspur,CA. 94939
(415) 925-2060                         

If You Have the Time and excess Money ...
The Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur: 
Palmillia Resort in Los Cabos : 
Ghostbar 55th Floor the Palms in Vegas: 
Trump International Hotel and Tower N.Y.: 
(for the food...from the kitchen of Jean Georges)
Musha Cay in the Bahammas, your own private island
$24,750 a night: 
Bryant Park Hotel in New York: 
$479 a night
Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles:  

United States Postal Service Zip Code information: 1-800-275-8777

Southern Marin Neighborhoods

SAUSALITO         For many tourist who visit the Bay Area, Sausalito is the only part of Marin County they see or know.  In some respects, that isn't so bad because the harbor village has always been a place that is beautiful and bodacious.
Sausalito's beauty is easy to catalog.  The tree covered hillsides cascade down to a bayside town that reminds strollers of the French or Italian Riviera.  The views from Sausalito are nothing but breathtaking - from the Bay Bridge, the San Francisco skyline, to the Golden Gate Bridge.
Don't forget Sausalito's saucy history.  Bootleggers, bordellos, gambling dens, and eccentric houseboats.  All combined to give Sausalito a unique personality.
As most Marin residents know, there are two Sausalitos.  There is the tourists' Sausalito of ferry rides, small bayside shops, and flashy eateries.
Then there's the locals' Sausalito.  A foggy Sunday morning that starts with getting the newspapers at a newsstand that once was a gas station.  Then it's down to Northpoint Coffee ( where Zacks use to be... remember the Wednesday Night Turtle Races?) for a Latte' alongside the Bay (Dogs welcomed on the rear patio alongside the water).
Sausalito is also home to the Sausalito Art Festival  (Labor Day Weekend) which features incredible artist from around the world and local home grown talent.
Back in the 80s, I had the fortune to cross paths one afternoon with Sterling Hayden on St. Patricks day, and we closed Smitty's Bar on Caldonia Street later that evening.  Smitty's looks just the same today as it did in the 70s.  In the late sixties and seventies an unusual restaurant existed where Horizon's Restaurant is today called the Trident. If you'd like to revisit this unique experience click onto   
Sausalito is a not only a great town to visit, but a wonderful community to live in.

Sausalito Web Site:  (

Sausalito, California

TIBURON            Tiburon epitomizes the good life around San Franciso Bay.  On the sunny docks, day-trippers, locals, and yachtsmen sip their coffee, while across the bay the city slips beneath the fog.  Outside of town, a wealth of bayside beauty awaits hikers and bikers exploring at leisure.  On a circle tour, you can get a sampling of what the 4 mile long Tiburon peninsula has to offer.
Every March ,Tiburon is proud to present the Tiburon International Film Festival (, that has become a huge success attracting Filmmakers from around the globe! 
Incorporated in 1964, Tiburon is now a beautiful enclave of historical landmarks, world-class resturants, and shopping areas.  Some of the residential architecture is reflected in small cottages, many of them beautifully remodeled, contemporary showplaces located in the hills, and sensational examples of engineering marvels that jut out over the water.  The San Francisco and Corinthian Yacht Clubs provide berths for hundreds of sailboats for local yachtsmen: public and private tennis and swimming facilities are also available to residents.
Visitors from around the world come here to enjoy the natural beauty and many activities that this delightful harbor community provides.
Belvedere and Tiburon Recreation:
Tiburon Chamber of Comerce:

Tiburon Web Site:   (

Tiburon Bike Path

BELVEDERE         Belvedere is an island a mile long and less that one half mile wide, connected to Tiburon by a causeway.  Although the two towns have become very much alike, with their premier real estate prices motivated by spectacular views, they grew up differently. There were distict differences between the towns: while Belvedere was home to the rich: Tiburon, in its days as home base for a railroad, was considered the other side of the tracks.
Belvedere celebrated its 100th year as a city in 1996.  Marin's smallest incorporated community is also one of the most exclusive..  There is just enough room for some of the most expensive homes in Marin and the historic San Francisco Yacht Club.
Belvedere is a treasure trove of different architectural styles: from the tremendous Queen Anne and Mission Revival homes of the late 1800's to more modern styles and Mediterranean villas.  The two elementary schools and one middle school are in the Reed School District are rated in the top one percent among schools.
Belvedere, which translates in Italian to "beautiful views", was well and aptly named! 
Belvedere and Tiburon Recreation:

Belvedere Web Site:  (    

Belvedere Island

MILL VALLEY     Nestled at the foot of Mt. Tamalpais, only ten miles from San Francisco, Mill Valley became a favorite vacation spot for wealthy city dwellers.  In 1896 a mountain railway, nicknamed "The Crookedest Railroad in the World", carried passengers to the mountain's summit and to Muir Woods.  Although the tracks were removed in 1930, the old Railroad Grade is currently very popular with hikers and mountain bikers!
Shortly after the town was incorporated in 1900 two town traditions began.  The Outdoor Art Club was founded in 1902, a group whose purpose was, and still is, to preserve the beauties of Mill Valley.  The Dipsea Race was first run in 1905 and has been held almost every year since.  It is the oldest race in the Country, behind the Boston Marathon.  The race is 7.1 miles long, from Lytton Square in Mill Valley over Mt.Tamalpais to Stinson Beach.
Bordered on three sides by the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Muir Woods National Monument, Mount Tamalpais State Park and watershed, Mill Valley offers spectacular recreation opportunities.  But this is only part of its attractions.  The people who have chosen to live here, from Rock Stars, Artist, Movie Stars, Nationally known authors, to Business Executives and Political Radicals: all are part of the eclectic mixture of talented folks who came for the pleasures of normalcy and anonymity to live in this incredibly beautiful and charming town.
Mountain Home Inn on Mt.Tamalpais: 415-381-9000 

Mill Valley web site:       (

Giant Redwoods in Mill Valley

Department of Motor Vehicles

1.Corte Madera: 800-777-0133
2.Novato:           800-777-0133

Central Marin Communities

CORTE MADERA           At the turn of the century Corte Madera had attracted a number of families from San Francisco who came for the summer. Christmas Tree Hill was subdivided in tiny 25' x 25' lots for use as tent sites on the weekends. After the 1906 earthquake, many of these tent sites were used to build permanent homes, where some of the tiny cabins remain to this day. Corte Madera became a town in 1917. 
Typifying the relaxed outdoor lifestyle of Marin with its pleasant climate, bordering wetlands, and lush open space, there is a strong community commitment to preserving the area's wildlife and habitat. This commitment to the environment is exemplified by the Corte Madera Reserve Sanctuary for Migrating Birds, the Shorebird Marsh wildlife habitat, and The Ring Mountain Preserve, located at the southeastern end of town, the preserve borders Corte Madera and the neighboring community of Tiburon. 
Home to three distinctly different malls, the town provides shopping as a favored pastime for guests and locals alike. Fine shops, unique boutiques, and a variety of excellent restaurants can be found at The Corte Madera Town Center, The Village at Corte Madera, and The Marketplace. 
Extending from San Francisco Bay on the east side to Mt. Tam on the west, Corte Madera illustrates the wonderful Marin County blend of nature along with all the amenities of city living.
Corte Madera Web Site:

LARKSPUR AND GREENBRAE      The wife of a major developer, Charles Wright, named this beautiful area for the lupine she found there, mistakenly identifying it as Larkspur.
The downtown / Magnolia Avenue area is listed in the National Register of Historic Places as an irreplaceable American "turn of the century home town."
Larkspur residents have been quite successful in preserving the small-town ambience. A medley of specialty shops, boutiques, Queen Anne Victorians, cafes and first-class restaurants can be enjoyed by taking a relaxing stroll down Magnolia Avenue. Not to be missed are the Escalle Winery, built in the 1890's by the young Frenchman, Jean Escalle, who planted the northern hillsides of Larkspur with wine grapes; and the exquisite Murphy mansion, constructed in 1888 and now home to the world famous restaurant, the Lark Creek Inn. Larkspur extends north to the unincorporated area of Greenbrae, home to the Bon Air Shopping Center, which offers boutiques, restaurants and gift shops.
Greenbrae is well known for its tastefully landscaped custom homes, many of which have views of the bay, Corte Madera Creek and lowlands, and Mt. Tamalpais. A special effort was made during the development of this area to preserve the hundreds of majestic oak trees that grace the hillsides. Greenbrae residents enjoy a one minute drive to the freeway and two minutes to the Larkspur Landing Ferry Terminal.
Larkspur Web Site:  (

Bushes in front of City of Larkspur Town Hall (you'd be amazed how many Marinites are unaware of this)

KENTFIELD                 Because the town of Kentfield is unincorporated, it is governed by the Marin County Board of Supervisors, who are known to pay close attention to the wishes of the residents, especially concerning development. An upper middle class to wealthy community, Kentfield is nestled at the base of Mt. Tam, bordered by Larkspur and Ross.
The name "Kentfield" is taken from the family of Albert Kent, a Chicago meat packer who, along with his wife Adaline, settled in the area in 1872. Adaline donated twenty-three acres of land for a community recreation center; which later became the site for the College of Marin, which is part of the California Community College system. Albert and Adaline's son William, who became a U.S. congressman and an ardent conservationist, donated Muir Woods as a national park.
The homes in this area are generally set well back from the streets which meander among pine, redwood and manzanita. The low-profile roofs of these spacious homes, mostly set on large lots, are designed to blend in with the natural surroundings and offer a wooded, country feeling.

ROSS                        In 1857 a Scotsman from San Francisco, James Ross, bought a large Mexican land grant named Rancho Punta de Quentin, which extended from what is now Corte Madera to Red Hill in San Anselmo. In the town that bears his name, Ross built his home on the property that is now the Marin Art & Garden Center; a beautiful ten-acre site that, in addition to housing several non-profit community groups, also offers many classes and activities.
Shaded roads and lanes enhance this lovely town of grand estates and luxury custom homes. Large properties in park-like settings often have accommodations for horses, as well as tennis courts and swimming pools. Centered around the Ross Common is a small, very quaint commercial area featuring restaurants and shops. One enterprise, the Ross Grocery, has been operated by the same family since WWII.
Residents are universally proud of, and offer support to, the local elementary school. In 1991, Child Magazine named Ross Elementary School as one of the top ten schools in the nation. The academic ranking is in the 99th percentile, the highest any school can achieve.
Ross, often characterized as the suburban ideal, can easily be portrayed as a bastion of gracious living.
Ross Website: (

SAN ANSELMO          San Anselmo is a charming community of older homes amid diverse architectural styles, on shady, tree-lined streets. The downtown area is very "small town" in appearance, but offers a variety of shops and restaurants. In the 1870's, what is now known as The Hub in San Anselmo was the spot where a spur track to San Rafael was added to the Sausalito-Tomales run of the Pacific Coast Railroad. San Anselmo was incorporated in 1907.
The most visible landmark in town, a beautiful stone castle that overlooks San Anselmo, is actually the San Francisco Theological Seminary, established in 1892 to train Presbyterian clergy. From the ivy covered chapel with its enchanting bell tolling the hours, to the turrets and towers, this beautiful facility has an ethereal, fairy tale look.
San Anselmo Avenue, the town's main shopping area, is a curving boulevard of awning-shaded shops, cafes, galleries, restaurants, and boutiques. Known as the "Antique Capital of Northern California," there are, within a half-mile radius of downtown, more than 150 antique dealers who attract collectors from all over the West Coast.
Love of family and a sense of community are common bonds shared by those in the more affluent areas as well as by those in the more modest homes at the west end of town. The Annual Art and Wine Festival, the Antique Dealers Fair, and the Country Fair Day, are all very well attended by local citizens. San Anselmo also boasts one of the County's most successful community volunteer programs.
                                 San Anselmo is a charming community of older homes amid diverse architectural styles, on shady, tree-lined streets. The downtown area is very "small town" in appearance, but offers a variety of shops and restaurants. In the 1870's, what is now known as The Hub in San Anselmo was the spot where a spur track to San Rafael was added to the Sausalito-Tomales run of the Pacific Coast Railroad. San Anselmo was incorporated in 1907.
San Anselmo Web Site: (

FAIRFAX                    Fairfax was originally part of a Spanish land grant conferred to Domingo Sais in 1839. Sais gave the area now known as the Marin Town & Country Club to Marin County's first physician, Alfred Taliaferro of Virginia, who subsequently passed the property along to fellow Virginian Charles Snowden Fairfax. Lord Fairfax, tenth Baron of Cameron, Scotland, moved here with his wife Ada in 1855, lured west by gold fever. 
After the death of Charles Fairfax, the property changed hands, eventually becoming the site of the renowned Pastori's Restaurant in the 1890's. Madame Pastori, once a singer at La Scala in Milan, Italy, was visited in Fairfax by many great figures in the opera world. The restaurant, which was rebuilt on a grander scale after a fire in 1911, still stands. 
Convenient railroad service early in this century made Fairfax a favorite weekend and summer retreat for city dwellers. Fairfax Park hosted thousands on weekends. Fairfax was the setting for dozens of early Western movies from 1910 to the early 1920's. Construction of Alpine Dam in 1917 brought a large Italian population to the area, adding to Fairfax's colorful history. 
Fairfax came of age in February of 1931 when the town was incorporated as a city with a five-member council government. Fairfax today, with a diverse population of 7,000, is a community of fine neighborhoods nestled in the hills and small valleys of the Upper Ross Valley. Located 16 miles north of San Francisco, within easy reach of numerous State and National Recreation Areas, Fairfax offers the best of both work and play while retaining its small-town atmosphere and charm. Two of our Cal Land Title employees live in Fairfax and they absolutely love it!
Unofficial Fairfax Web Site: (

North Marin Communities

SAN RAFAEL          Marin's premier city, San Rafael, is the oldest and largest city in the County and it is also the seat of County Government. Marin's second most popular tourist spot (after Muir Woods), the Frank Lloyd Wright Civic Center, was the last major structure and the only government building designed by the world famous architect. It is now a national historic landmark.
Other notable places to visit are China Camp State Park, which rims a picture perfect shoreline and is wonderfully secluded, yet only minutes from town; the lovely Dominican College campus, founded in 1888; and the Falkirk Cultural Center, a handsomely preserved, 17-room Victorian mansion that is set on 11 acres of formal grounds is just a block from downtown.
San Rafael offers a wide assortment of housing; from Peacock Gap's Golf and Country Club contemporary homes and condominiums overlooking the Bay, to spacious traditional homes in the prestigious Dominican section. 
San Rafael has 14 parks, yacht clubs, outstanding docking and launching facilities, tennis / swim clubs and bicycle trails. It is truly a community where families can enjoy an active lifestyle and partake of a rich historical and cultural heritage.

NOVATO               The City of Novato is located 29 miles north of San Francisco, just off Highway 101. Incorporated in 1960 and encompassing 43 square miles with 3,500 acres of open space and parks, Novato is an agreeable mixture of a variety of neighborhoods. Waterfront communities, horse farms, and beautiful mansions are all part of the eclectic collection that is Novato.
Novato began as Rancho de Novato, a Spanish land grant given in 1839 to Fernando Feliz, but its roots are far deeper.
Olompali State HIstorical Park, just north of the city, is named for a key Miwok settlement, Olemaloke, that dates to 1300. Scholars debate the significance of an Elizabethan coin found nearby. Did it belong to Sir Francis Drake's crew that hit the coast in 1579.
The only battle of the Bear Flag Rebellion, which led to California's statehood, was fought at Olompali in 1846, and the Burdell family later established the first formal garden in Marin there in the 1870's. 
The Chosen Family hippie commune — serenaded by Janis Joplin and the Grateful Dead — lived in the old Burdell mansion until it burned in 1969. 
Hamilton Field, on the southeast side of the city, served as an Army airfield from 1935 to 1947 and continued miliatry operations to 1975. After years of wrangling, Hamilton opened in 1999 as a community of new homes. 
Novato is largely a bedroom community — more than 7,600 students are enrolled in the Novato Unified School District — but the city also has made its mark in business and industry. Shopping in Novato ranges form the traditional stores and boutiques on Grant Avenue in "Old Town" to the Vintage Oaks Shopping Center.
The city is home to Fireman's Fund Insurance, the county's largest private employer with about 2,500 workers. 
The nonprofit Buck Institute for Research in Aging, located in a striking complex on the slopes of Mount Burdell, is on the leading edge of biomedical research and the science of aging.
Novato Web Site:   (

West Marin Neighborhoods

WEST MARIN         The West Marin area is, debatably the most spectacular region in a county known for it's scenic wonders.  A truly rural section of Marin encompassing miles of open ridgetops, wild coast lines, and pastoral farms, this area is home to such diverse wildlife as gray whales, tule elks, elephant seals, bobcats, mountain lions, fox, and hundreds of bird species.  Containing the Point Reyes National Recreation Area, almost all of West Marin is protected.
With the exception of Inverness, which is on the Point Reyes Peninsula, the coastal towns, from southernmost Muir Beach, going north through Stinson Beach, Bolinas, Olema, Pt.Reyes Station, Marshall, and Tomales, dot Highway 1 all the way up to the Marin/Sonoma County border.  The small hamlets of Nicassio, Woodacre, Forest Knolls, San Geronimo and Lagunitas are all unique and remarkably beautiful in their various settings that range from redwood forests to open grasslands and rolling hills.
Muir Beach is a tiny enclave surrounded by GGNRA parklands.  With the exception of the Pelican Inn, where residents and tourist alike go to dine, drink ale, and play darts, there are no commercial enterprises here (not even a gas station nor a grocery store.)  The residents seem to prefer it this way, holding very dear to their out of the way lifestyle.
Muir Beach Web Site: (
 Stinson Beach, the most often visited of the coastal towns, is home to a lovely three mile long beach which is well kept, clean, and accessible. Swimming, surfing,and sunbathing are the favorite activities here. And, Stinson is also the finish line for the famous Dipsea Race.  Right next to the beach is a wonderful park area with trees, lawns,picnic tables, and barbeques available for day use.
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Bolinas, located just past the Audubon Canyon Ranch north of Stinson Beach, is a small town of about 1,100 residents: some of whom do their best to keep Bolinas a well guarded secret by continually removing the directional road signs to the town.  Bolinas is also home to Smiley's Schooner Saloon, the oldest, continuously operated saloon (this bar was open even during Prohibition) in California.
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Olema, holding the distinction of being the epicenter of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and currently the gateway to Point Reyes National Seashore, was once a roaring pioneering town with seven bars, a racetrack, and a stagecoach that brought visitors from San Rafael on the weekends.  Some of the old buildings still remain, including the Olema Inn, founded in 1876.
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 Nicasio  is a very small town located between Highway 101 and San Geronimo Valley.  George Lucas, famous producer of "Star Wars," built Skywalker Ranch nearby as the headquarters for his film operations.  Also to be found in the area a variety of estate homes on many ranches.  The rural beauty of Lucas Valley makes for a pleasant setting for the patrons of the very popular Rancho Nicasio, who come from all over Marin to enjoy country dining and dancing.  Just to give you some idea of the amazing musical groups that have played here,  Van Morrison , who use to live in Marin County, recently played here.
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Inverness, located on the west shore of Tomales Bay, was once a weekend retreat.  Inverness is now home to many year round residents that include artist, builders, tradespeople, and professionals that commute to the city.  Although a few homes can be seen from the streets, most are tucked back among the trees.  During the peak whale watching months of late fall to early spring, the numerous Beds and Breakfast establishments in and around Inverness are often full.
 Point Reyes Station had its beginnings as a railroad town when the first train came through on its way to Tomales in 1875.  The railroad disappeared in 1933, and although Point Reyes Station is now the largest town in West Marin, it is still only blocks long and a couple of blocks deep.  Within the quiet little town, coffee houses, galleries, bookstores, antique shops, and resturants lend a cosmopolitan flavor.
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Point Reyes Lighthouse

Marshall, Tomales, and Dillon Beach are popular tourist stops en route up the coast to Sonoma County.  Marshall, which grew up as a resort for hunters and fishermen, is well known for it's Oyster companies.  Leaving the coast from Marshall and following the path of the long gone trains, the road winds into Tomales.  With many restored old homes and the steep roofed Lady of Assumption church, built in 1860, the Victorian charm of Tomales beckons.  Driving north on Highway 1, Dillon Beach is the last town before Sonoma County border.  The community was named after Geoge Dillon, arriving in the 1880's, he was the first settler in the area.  Today Dillon Beach is popular for it's wonderful beach, sport fishing, crabbing, and clam digging.
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